Anguilla — is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

Area – 160 km2

Capital – The Valley

Government – British overseas territory

Small island state Anguilla has been British overseas territory since 1980. Located in the Caribbean region in the vicinity of its “rival” – Saint Kitts and Nevis islands. Thanks to its status Anguilla has a stable and secure position in the market that provides international offshore financial services.

Benefits of offshore registration in Anguilla:

  1. perfectly regularized and qualified industry of financial services;
  2. online registration network ACORN, which greatly accelerates the registration of offshore business. The procedure is performed 24/7 (no weekends or holidays) by a licensed registrar;
  3. no requirement to submit annual financial reports and conduct audits;
  4. private trade registry;
  5. nominal service is available.

Offshore Anguilla requirements:

  1. registration agent;
  2. registration office;
  3. payment of state duty dependent on the authorized capital;
  4. one director and one shareholder obligatory;
  5. keeping minutes of meetings in the registration office;
  6. opening of an account in a bank of Anguilla.