Belize is a country in Central America in the south-east of the Yucatan Peninsula. Former name of the country – British Honduras.

Area — 22963 km²;

Capital — Belmopan

Government – Parliamentary and Constitutional Monarchy

Belize is a small but amazing country. For example, Belize is famous for its barrier reef 298 km long and The Great Blue Hole – a circular sinkhole over 305 m across and 120 m deep.

The economy of the country with rich flora and fauna and magnificent coastal reefs of the Caribbean Sea is based on tourism and agriculture. Belize is an offshore, which, unlike a number of other countries of the troublesome region, is not involved in civil unrest or conflicts. Its legal system is based on English common law and the basis for investment operations is the IBC (International Business Companies) Law, adopted in 1990. To register an offshore company in Belize means to make your business a part of the most established system of commercial law.

Benefits of offshore registration in Belize:

  1. absolutely no taxation; annual fee only;
  2. no requirement to file annual financial reports and conduct audits;
  3. information security and confidentiality;
  4. nominal service is allowed.

Belize has the following requirements to IBC-companies:

  • they do not have real estate in the country;
  • they cannot provide their legal address to other companies;
  • they do not provide services to residents of the country.

Like other classic offshores, Belize allows you to rent office and residential buildings and open bank accounts. It is also possible to receive an offshore license for gambling business (for example, offshore license for online casinos).

At registration, a client presents the copy of passport, the address of residence of the owner of the company and future storage location of documents, basic information about the estimated activity of a new company.

Belize is the offshore that raises minimum requirements for investors when registering a company:

  • no need for a secretary, local director or shareholder;
  • only one director and shareholder needed (their compatibility is possible);
  • no need to hold meetings;
  • no requirement to pay authorized capital;
  • it is enough to issue only one share to a bearer without announcement of the nominal value.