The British Virgin Islands

The BVI is the group of islands and coral reefs located northwest of the US Virgin Islands.

Area – 153 km2

Capital – Road Town

Government – British Overseas Territory

The BVI is a pretty historical place. Here you will find many monuments of antiquity: Post Office of the 18th century, St. Phillip’s Church of the 19th century and Public Museum, which used to be governor’s residence. Majestic Fort Charlotte that once used to be а defense construction and a prison rises on the south-western outskirts of the city.

The main area of economic activity is tourism (the islands are visited by about 800 thousand tourists annually, mainly from the US). Also, the importance of the financial sector constantly grows.

Benefits of offshore registration in the BVI:

  1. no taxation; annual fee only;
  2. confidentiality of any information about business;
  3. no currency control;
  4. any legal activity is permitted, but some of them require licensing;
  5. the BVI offshore does not require to specify the amount of authorized capital in the constituent documents and does not regulate the minimum paid-up capital;
  6. nominal service is allowed.

The BVI offshore does everything possible to ensure the stability of your business. For this purpose, the system of additional measures has been developed to identify the BVI investors. It has slightly complicated the terms of registration, but that is fully explained by basic common sense. In particular, in order to confirm the identities and addresses the beneficiary along with the director and shareholders of the company are obliged to present the corresponding documents and the Bank Reference from the bank, whose clients they have been for not less than six months.

The BVI has the following requirements to companies:

  1. registration agent;
  2. registered office in the islands;
  3. appointed director and shareholder (their compatibility, if possible);
  4. ban on real estate investment (it is only possible to rent the BVI offshore office if it is necessary);
  5. ban on usage of certain words in the title not to mislead potential customers and partners.