The Commonwealth of Dominica is the state located on the eponymous island in the Caribbean Sea.

Area – 751 km2

Capital – Roseau

Government – Parliamentary republic

Dominica is an island of volcanic origin. Though there are no active volcanoes on the territory of Dominica at present, hot springs, boiling lakes and geysers remind that volcanic activity is not over yet.

Benefits of offshore registration on the territory of Dominica:

  1. absolutely no taxation;
  2. low registration and company support rates;
  3. simple procedure of registration;
  4. minimum authorized capital – one hundred dollars;
  5. the fees do not depend on the amount of the authorized capital;
  6. authorized capital is nominated but does not need to be paid;
  7. no audits and accounting;
  8. legally guaranteed confidentiality;
  9. the possibility of nominal service;
  10. no agreements on avoidance of double taxation.

The documents of companies registered in Dominica offshore must be translated into English. At the same time the name of the company must meet a number of requirements. At registration, one must have a registered office in the country, as well as a registered agent (who stores copies of the package of documents) and at least one director and one shareholder (a legal entity or an individual can hold concurrently these positions).