England LLP

England is the largest historical and administrative part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Area – 133 396 km2

Capital – London

Government – Constitutional Monarchy

In the post-crisis period, many investors are trying to register companies not in classical offshores but in those developed countries which offer certain trade advantages and benefits for holding businesses. Apart from being non-classical, offshore in England is also considered to be a respectable one. English offshore structures make it possible to minimize relatively low current taxes and with the right approach even eliminate them completely.

Limited liability partnership (LLP) is the perfect combination of legal transparency with tax flexibility. The minimum number of people required to form an LLP in England is two and they are not obliged to be the residents of England. Each partner pays taxes separately – according to personal income after the distribution of total profit. Plus, the partner who is not the resident of England and who doesn’t manage a business on the territory of England is not obliged to pay taxes.

Benefits of offshore LLP registration in England:

  1. economic stability of the business;
  2. business prestige and respectability;
  3. the trust of European partners and creditors;
  4. the possibility to acquire a great number of new business contacts and connections.

A lot of world offshores are characterized by zero rates of corporate taxation. In contrast, England offshore requires submitting reports and conducting audits. Accessibility of information about the company eliminates confidentiality. But the United Kingdom is not included in any of the blacklists and lists of tax havens and has concluded more than one hundred and forty international tax treaties. This minimizes the reputational risk of business.