South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is the most developed jurisdiction of the African continent. It has stable political and social systems and well-established banking system. It is important to say that during the global crisis major South African banks safely survived the falling stock markets and did not sick help from the government.

The RSA guarantees the investors a lot of opportunities to improve business efficiency: demand exceeds the supply in any domain of the emerging economy, market is still full of unoccupied niches, the competition is rather low, big solvent middle class social group has been formed.

The RSA is not included in offshore blacklists, but excellent “offshore” reputation does not prevent it from building flexible system of taxation that can accelerate the development of any business. Of course, business registered in a mid-shore is controlled by the state and shall submit annual returns, otherwise it is subject to an appropriate penalty. The RSA registrar alongside with assistance in offshore company registration will also help with reporting. Nominee service will help to protect the anonymity of ownership.

The RSA offshore registration peculiarities:

The authorized capital is brought in by the founders in parts that can be in a form of property or money. Requirements for the minimum amount of the authorized capital are imposed only on the insurance and banking business.

Legal entities and individuals can found a company without any restrictions of their residency. It is obligatory to have a company secretary and registered office, confirmed by relevant documents. If the company is founded by non-residents, the RSA public officer is appointed to control the sources of company’s income. The company is also obliged to hold annual meeting of shareholders.