Legal assistance in case of road traffic accidents

Carefully thought-out actions in case of a road traffic accident will help to avoid a lot of future troubles. But usually a road traffic accident is significantly stressful situation for all the persons involved. It is quite easy to get confused and make mistakes or miss something important under such circumstances.  Therefore, timely qualified help is very important.

Even an oral consultation can minimize the incurred loss and avoid illegal charges.

Employees of Strateg Legal Company offer the following services in case of a road traffic accident:

Legal advice in case of a road traffic accident;

The presence of a lawyer at the accident site;

Assistance in drawing up road traffic accident documents;

Representing your interests in courts, bodies of traffic police and insurance companies.


The Clients of Strateg Legal Company are confident in their legal partner.

  Lawyer Law Firm “Strateg”

Andrij Sidorenko