“The real success – is doing things you love”

To have your own business means to bear the responsibility for it every minute, even while driving. That is why Oleg NALYVAYKO, the attorney, founder and owner of the law firm “Strateg” calls his Mercedes-Benz the “office on wheels.”


Mr. Oleg, share the story of Your professional growth, please.

– As a graduate of the Faculty of International Economics and Law of KNEU, I started working at the National Agency for Development and European Integration. It was a very serious school! Then, when the Agency merged with the Ministry of Economy, I became a deputy chief of department and was the youngest manager.  But the salary in the state institution made it impossible to decently provide for the family and I decided to become an attorney. In 2009 I founded my own company “Strateg” and since that time I have been sure that…


The strategy for protection

The owner of Strateg Law Firm, the lawyer Oleg Nalyvayko – about the quality standards of legal business and exclusive services from his firm. 

lawyer Oleg NalyvaykoTo agree the interview with Oleg Nalyvayko, the founder of Strateg Law Firm, was an easy and quick task, but it was tough to arrange it: the frantic pace of life and busy schedule of the head of one of Kiev law firms, which is developing most rapidly, do not leave a lot of spare time. But the efforts were worth it: due to its principles of work, Strateg Law Firm compares favorably with many other law companies.

“Strateg” is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian legal services market. Tell us more about the main areas of activity of your company.

We specialize in the economic, administrative, civil, family and inheritance law. We provide legal support for…


Interview with Oleg Nalivaiko, lawyer, director of Law Company “Strategist”

21Companion magazine continues to introduce the outstanding personalities of the Ukrainian establishment. This time, I talked to Oleg Nalyvayko, the owner of Strateg Law Firm. Though it took us several attempts to schedule the interview (Oleg’s tight schedule allowed us to have a talk in the car, in between court hearings and business meetings), the conversation turned to be very informative.

Tell us about Your main areas of business? What kind of services of Your company are the most popular today?

Our key areas are administrative, commercial, family and inheritance law. I in principle don’t do criminal cases and everything connected with criminal offenses. Much of my attention is devoted to international contacts. I am consistently working on expanding partnerships with European countries and I have partners in the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. In this regard, a lot of time is…


The strategy of Your success in 5 steps.

Oleg Nalyvayko, lawyer, Director of STRATEG Law Firm, Kyiv

In this article I am going to share with You my experience which proved that it is really possible to succeed in Your favorite job and still have time for Your family and hobbies!
At least once in life everybody thought about an easy and quick way to personal success.
To attain harmony in daily work, I have identified 5 principles which make up the basis of work of our company and I am going to share this secret with You.
Start Your way to success with faith in Your own strength and capabilities.
STRATEG Law Firm is a multifunctional organization with the focus on legal consulting. Turbulent 2009 became a year of systemic economic changes and disturbances for Ukraine. And not being afraid of the challenges, we founded STRATEG Law Firm that year. Determination, confidence and…


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