Commercial, Administrative, Labor, Family and Inheritance Law

Divorce Alimony Preparation of employment contract Reinstatement of the employee at work

Commercial Law

In the course of their economic activity entrepreneurs often have disputes over improper fulfillment of the obligations, debts, delays in delivery, breach of contracts, etc.

Typically, such disputes arise due to improper legal support of entrepreneurial activity.  Proper conduct of business requires knowledge of current legislation of Ukraine.

Strateg Legal Company provides the following legal services in Commercial Law:

writing claims, complaints, letters;

assistance in pre-trial settlement of a dispute;

representation in government authorities and bodies of local self-government;

representation in courts of all levels;

preparation of documents required for the trial;

work with enforcement service;

recognition of a civil contract invalid/valid;

return of bank deposits;

debt collection on the basis of contractual obligations.

Administrative Law

In the course of economic activity all business entities, in a varying degree, work with state and local authorities.

From practical experience it is known that conflicts often occur between business entities and state and local authorities.

Strateg Legal Company provides the following legal services in Administrative Law:

representation of clients in legal relations with government authorities and bodies of local self-government;

appeal of decisions, actions or inaction of state and local authorities;

protection of client’s interests in bodies of state authority and courts;

Labor Law

Labor relations between employees and employers are regulated by Labor Law. Labor Law is the branch of law that by means of its norms regulates labor relations of employees of all enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of their ownership form, type of activity and industry sector, as well as labor relations of persons working with individuals under labor agreement.

Strateg Legal Company provides the following legal services in Labor Law:

drafting labor agreements and contracts;

drafting collective labor agreements;

representation of clients in resolving individual and collective labor disputes;

preparation of internal orders, internal labor policies, job descriptions;

advice on labor law issues;

recovery of wage arrears;

restoration of employee’s job position.

Family Law

Resolving family and inheritance disputes has the personal nature and is usually very emotional process.

From our experience, we know that Family and Inheritance Law are the most delicate legal areas. It is important to not only resolve the conflict, but also comply with moral and ethical rules.

Strateg Legal Company guarantees confidentiality of information obtained during the resolution of family or inheritance disputes.

Strateg Legal Company provides the following legal services in Family and Inheritance Law:

advice on Family and Inheritance Law;

drawing up prenuptial agreement;

dissolution of marriage;

division of joint property;

recovery of alimony;

restriction and deprivation of parental rights;

restoration of parental rights;

other issues connected with the realization of rules of Family Law;

legal assistance in the process of inheritance registration;

recognition of inheritance rights;

 appeal of the wills, invalidation of the certificate of inheritance;

legal support in resolving the inheritance disputes;